Grinding and Hustling on the Pro Tour

There’s a bit more to it than hitting tennis balls…

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt since being on the tour is that so much of it is not just about hitting tennis balls. There’s a huge amount of “behind the scenes” work that goes on before I even step onto the match court.  And I don’t mean practice sessions, time training in the gym and stretching.

Let me explain.. Continue reading

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The Idea Behind The Blog

The idea of creating a blog came to me when I first sat down with my good friend Barry King (former pro/ Davis Cup player-retired July ’11) a few months back when we were chatting about our lives, tennis, women, the future etc.

One thing that really struck us both was how little we knew about the pro tour before going on it. We just didn’t understand the whole thing! Continue reading

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Ireland Vs. Egypt Davis Cup 2012

From Pain to Pleasure

Exhausted, relieved, grateful. Emptied the tank!

Davis Cup in general is an experience you will never forget and I can safely say that this particular Davis Cup Tie Vs. Egypt was such an intense experience for me that I know it will be firmly etched in my memory for many years to come. Continue reading

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So I’ve decided to create a blog for myself and for anyone who may be interested in reading about my life and experiences on the professional tennis tour (ATP World Tour and ITF Pro Circuit).

I will do my best to keep the blog posts interesting to readers and for anyone who is interested in getting an insight into the life of a professional athlete. I’m sure I will be making many changes with the blog as time goes by and I would also love to hear your feedback. Please bear with me if I make spelling errors or make some mistakes with it, this will certainly be a work in progress!

This blog is primarily for Irish Tennis Players- junior players, those who want to turn pro, the parents of young tennis players, recreational tennis players, coaches and also for those of you who are simply not in the tennis “bubble” and want to learn more about it. It is also for people who have an interest in my career and want to read about what I get up to most of the time!

I’m not sure how many people this blog will reach but I will be more than happy if it reaches those of you in the Irish Tennis community who care about tennis in Ireland and who care about getting better. If sharing my insight from the tour helps you in any way or at least provides a little entertainment, then that’s good enough for me!

Along with sharing stories about what I’ve learnt already since turning pro, I will also write while I am out on the road at tournaments competing. For me personally, I have found it difficult to find an outlet while on the road competing at foreign tournaments. Hopefully writing a blog will provide a little more balance in my life. Probably not though as the blog is all about tennis too! 🙂 Let’s wait and see..

Please follow me on Twitter @jamesmcgee01 and tweet me if you have questions or comments.

*My priority is obviously my tennis and my training so I won’t be blogging a huge amount but I think one blog post every 2-3 weeks shouldn’t be too hard.

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