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7 Responses to Contact

  1. David franco says:

    James: KEEP IT ON. YOU HAVE ALL THE MOMENTUM! Two great wins to qualify, and yesterday was both gutsy and v intelligent. After that 0-6 first set and a bathroom break, you settled and played your game. When you broke Ze in the first game of the final set and then started to vary the pace against him, I knew you had it. And you showed steel nerves in the final game. Now go do it tomorrow, relax, don’t let his style or pace dictate, and have fun with it. I may not be able to get off work to see you, but remember you’re always welcome to stay with us in Connecticut. Win Round 1 and I’ll be back. David franco

  2. frank moran says:

    Congratulations, main draw US Open. Soak it all in, enjoy it and stay calm.

  3. Kevin says:

    Saw your story from Jeff Salzenstein. Congrats on your success. Sounds like a tough road but awesome you’re living the dream.

  4. Eamonn Rigers says:

    Great victory last night at Indian Wells! Sorry we won’t be there today but we are rooting for you! Thanks for being so good taking time for a photo with our kids too… they are still talking about your behind the back shot.! You belong on this stage! Believe! From the Rogers Family in Phoenix.

  5. Keith Whitelock says:

    Hi James..
    Love your super positive attitude and commitment, good luck for the clay court season.
    Hope to see you in some UK pro series this summer.
    All the best,

  6. Stephen says:


    write something on your recent experiences. I watched you in Toronto and even spoke to your coach/friend who gave you a new overgrip. Planned to try to talk to you in person after the match as you were winning comfortably, but you somehow lost and looked so upset I did not approach you.

  7. Peter Ulicny says:

    Hi James,
    My name is Peter znd i watched you online at Carey finals.
    Congrats to Your 1st Atp Challenger Title.
    Your story is very Inspiring.
    I d like yo know where you going yo play next.
    Also if it isn’t a secret, could you share what racquet and string you are using?….
    I am playing tennis gor fun and to stay in shape. I like to learn from PRO like you.
    Good Luck in your next tournament.

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