October Update

Hi Guys,

I just finished up a great training block in Atlanta before flying out to play my final 3 tournaments of 2014. I am ranked #188 in the world this week and I’m hoping to end the year as strong as I can. The last 3 tournaments are all $50,000 Challenger events and will be held in Charlottesville, Knoxville and Champaign. For updates on my progress, follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

My focus now is on breaking into the top 100 so I can get direct acceptance into the main draw of Grand Slam events and avoid playing the qualifying event. Easier said than done but in order to break the top 100 you need to earn roughly 550 ATP Rankings points within a year. This can be done by winning Challenger Titles or by winning consistently on the ATP Tour. In order for that to happen, I will need to keep working hard, keep improving and keep believing.  


Qualifying into U.S Open

There was no better feeling than qualifying into the U.S. Open this year. I couldn’t have asked for a better way or a better place to do it. It was a big milestone in my career and I’m proud to have reached it. I would have loved to have gone further in the main draw but I took a lot of inspiration out of my experience in New York.  Now it’s time to focus on building from this positive experience and keep climbing higher.

My coach during the U.S. Open, Jeff Salzenstein, captured the moment I qualified in and you can watch it here:


Here are some pictures of my U.S. Open Experience:

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Here are some more pictures of my summer and also some more tournaments I played after the U.S. Open:

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Next stop Charlottesville!

Thank you all for the great support,



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Professional Tennis Player on ATP World Tour and Irish Davis Cup Player
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