October Update

It has been fairly ”full on” for the past 2 months so I thought I would take this opportunity to fill you in on my progress.

I’ve played seven tournaments in the past 8 weeks (Bolzano Italy €15,000+H*, Este Padova €15,000+H, Como Italy  €30,000+H, Alphen Holland €42,500, Istanbul Turkey $75,000, Izmir €64,000, Nevers, France €15,000+H)

*The ”H” stands for hospitality

I got off to a tough start at the beginning of the trip and didn’t pick up any points until my fourth week on the road. I didn’t feel like I was playing poorly but I was given some tough draws and ran into some players who were on a great run at the time. I felt I had chances to win most of the matches I had lost in the first few weeks so I was feeling optimistic about my game but frustrated not to get some more wins under my belt.

I managed to earn some points at a Challenger in Holland by winning 3 matches to qualify in and from there, I started playing better and better. I qualified into Istanbul $75,000 Challenger the following week before losing a tight 3 set match to the veteran Michael Russell. I knew I was playing at a high level so I took that form into the next Challenger in Izmir, winning 5 matches in a row before losing to the eventual runner-up Ilya Marchenko in another close quarter-final match.

That had been 6 long weeks on the road in a row so I took a few days off to recover before playing the €15,000+H in France last week. I had a decent week by beating 3 tough players before being knocked out in the semi-finals.

I’m catching up on some rest now and I’ll head back out soon!

Thanks for the support,



About James Mc Gee

Professional Tennis Player on ATP World Tour and Irish Davis Cup Player
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2 Responses to October Update

  1. Joe says:

    Great to see the form always on the rise. Get some rest and get stuck in again flying the flag. You are doing us proud.

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